Disco bar+a few drinks=F.U.N

There was this bar at the hotel called Desires. Totally sketchy. It was kindof a sports bar, kindof a disco (seriously-it was decked out in disco decor), and kindof like hanging out in your friend's basement when you were younger. It had the faint scent of feet. We actually hung out there more often than one would think.



Kenny and I left the hotel one morning to go into Old Town. When we were getting ready to leave, there were a few guys sitting outside their taxis on the curb. We went over to them and asked for a taxi. His response? "No. Too many cars." Granted it was a busy place, but, isn't that his job? My mistake.

And, just because, a few more pictures from our trip

Back to the grind...

Well, Kenny and I made it home safe and sound last night with only a bit of a delay. I am used to perfect weather now, so the 40 degrees we came home to was a bit chilly for my liking. We had an amazing time on our trip and I am not too happy about being back at work. I woke up this morning and had no idea what I should be doing. An alarm woke me up instead of the sound of waves crashing on shore. I have not had to be fully clothed for an entire week. I forgot my routine for getting ready in the morning. Coffee was never made. My feet are desperately searching for sand. I wanted to use sunscreen instead of lotion. Breakfast wasn't downstairs just waiting for me to arrive. Instead of a beach towel, I had to grab my coat as I walked out the door. My constant buzz from pina coladas and mojitos is completely gone.

This is the view from our room.


Hey fatty! Leave some for the rest of us!

I know, I really should not speak ill of anyone or anything at my place of employment, for many many reasons, but I am just so over it.
There is one guy here that is all about free food. Doesn't matter who brought it, what it is, or where it came from. He is all over it.
We have food of some sort brought in almost daily around here. I do not usually partake because I would prefer to not weigh 500 lbs. Anyways, a woman in my department brought two pies in today. Two pies for 30ish people. So, common sense would tell a person to have a small slice. Oooooh no. This guy takes 1/3 of the pie, slaps it on his plate and walks back to his desk. Seriously? What is the matter with him? Because of his stupidity, a bunch of people didn't get a piece of the apparently delicious pie. The thing is, he does this ALL the time! He can't just take one cookie, he has to take 5. A piece of cake? NO! He consumes 4. And, it's not like he takes one and comes back later after everyone else has had a chance to get whatever it is. He takes everything his little heart desires up front.

And, yes, he is a lard-butt.....and a moron, but I don't think the second has anything to do with the food.



We leave for Mexico on Monday, yes St. Patrick's Day, and I can hardly wait. My hours seem to pass by much slower and I can't take it much longer! My mind has checked out and I am pretty much useless already. Just preparing for a week of doing nothing more than relaxing, eating and drinking entirely too much, and going on fun adventures with Kenny.

For those of you wondering, I am already packed. Suprised? I didn't think so.

I am terribly sorry that we are wrecking St. Patrick's Day for many of you. My apologies for not being here to celebrate with everyone. We will make it up to you, promise.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.....


Dog down, dog down!

Does anyone else have a dog that falls out of bed during the middle of the night? Our little Clementine has done it twice now. The first time she did it, she scared the crap out of us because she started crying as soon as she hit the ground. By the way, we have wood floors which makes the "thud" that much louder (and harder). She was totally fine, but her cry made us think she was dying. So, from there, we always made sure she was in between us. That way, she couldn't roll out of the bed. I guess we forgot about that rule, because last night she did it again. This time, there was no crying-just a very stunned dog. She wouldn't even jump back up after it happened. I had to pick her up and put her back under the covers.

Kenny and I were laughing for 10 minutes.


Kenny's latest "project"

I say a pirate or one of the 3 Musketeers.
Either way, it needs to go.
UPDATE: It's gone, and I had nothing to do with it. He came over and kissed me right after he did it and I didn't even realize.

A fine attempt

Does this remind anyone else of those hamster cages with the tubes that would take them to the other rooms and then there would be a round look-out ball on top for them to check out the scenery? Anyone? Just me?

This is our attempt to provide a "bathroom" for the girls while we are at work-A peepad in the blue crate. Genius right?

Not so much. They ripped up the peepad TWICE. Hazel decided to sleep in there one day. They have NO clue it is their bathroom.
And yes, those are their food bowls holding the back end of their kennel up. What about it?


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Let's start off by taking a look at my hair since about December. It goes without saying that I have been very bored. My latest decision, going back to blonde, happened last night. I went to get my hair done and after washing it, I went back to the chair to brush it out and dry it. I began brushing it and happened to look down at the brush. There were WADS of my hair in there! I am not talking a few strands, I'm saying you could make a wig out of what ended up in that thing. The look on my face must have been priceless and I just stared at it. The only thing J said was, "Yeah, I knew that would happen." What??? A heads up would have been nice! I know I have been a bit rough on it these past few months (years), but seriously? I guess it was the hair that was bleached the last time and it just couldn't take it this time around. From there on out I was so insanely cautious when I brushed it and was super parinoid when blowing it dry. Actually, I am kindof suprised this didn't happen sooner!
In the end, the color looks awesome and I would totally recommend him to anyone-he does an awesome job with color! I promise! Anyways, the end result is great and I go back in 7 weeks. Wish me (and my hair) luck...


You are all horrible friends

I had these bangs for like TWO months and no one told me they sucked. Thanks a lot. I will
remember this the next time one of you looks like crap. I don't forget these sorts of things...

UPDATE: Apparently, Nicole told me they looked bad. I think she sugar coated it though because I don't remember that coversation.

Comfort Compromised

My bedroom is very important to me. It is my one room in the house where nothing stressful ever happens. Well, usually. On the rare occasion I wake up to one of the girls making that "I am about to throw up" noise and I frantically have to find them under the covers, pull them out and put whoever on the floor so they don't blow chunks in my bed.

ANYWAYS that brings me to my current situation, completely brought on by myself and Kenny, ofcourse. When we first got Clementine, we decided that she was going to sleep in her kennel at night. Gross. We do not want a stinky dog in our bed. Yeah, right. That lasted all of a month or so. It turned from sleeping in the kennel to letting her hang out on the bed with us until we went to sleep, to sleeping under the covers with us EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Although, they have to be between the flat sheet and the comforter. Not under all the sheets. Moving on…

Then we got Hazel and she got bed privelages pretty much right away. The thing is, now they have decided that they both like to be between Kenny and I. So, I am on the right, Kenny on the left, and both the damn dogs in between. Last night I woke up, on the edge of my bed, with Clementine completely sprawled out pushing on me with all 4 of her paws! What the F? I am the person here. This is MY bed. It is being completely taken over by the girls! The night before I woke up to see that I was sharing my pillow with Hazel. Just her little head was on my pillow, the rest of her tucked in under the blankets like a little person. It's ridiculous.

On really cold nights, Clementine cannot get warm and feels the need to wake up, come up to my face, stare me down until I wake up and paw at my neck until I help her get warm.