Home again

We are home. Boston was great. We were out and about the entire time we were there, and like San Francisco, walked a million miles. My legs are still a bit sore.

Wednesday: We flew in Wednesday afternoon and after checking into our hotel, we walked around to see what was in our area. For dinner, we went to Bukowski’s. It was a great dive with delicious burgers. Not too exciting a day.

Thursday: We woke up and decided to walk the Freedom Trail. It was a chilly, but still a good time. We found Mike’s Pastry which was probably tops on my list and shared a cannoli. The whole trail is about 2.5 miles, but total, we walked closer to 5. After we were done with the trail, we took the T to the Samuel Adams brewery for a tour and tasting.

Friday: We took a bus out to Harvard and walked around campus. We went to their museum which had animals on display that were over 100 years old. It smelled like dust in there. That afternoon, we went to the Charles river and took a nap on a dock we found. We walked back to the hotel to get ready for our baseball game! What are the odds that the Sox would be playing the Yankees while we were there? I mean, seriously?!? They were, and it was not easy, but we got tickets! It was such an awesome game. The atmosphere was amazing and the fans, some of the best! The seats were completely filled. The game went 11 innings and the Sox won!

Saturday: We took a boat out to go whale watching. We got to see a few whales, and a seal, and even some dolphins. I started to feel a bit sick half way through so I took a break and laid down on the bench on the boat. It was freezing and windy, so Kenny and I thought we would go down to the second level where there was an inside cabin. We walked in there and there were a ton of people way worse off then I was. Their heads were leaning on the tables, people were lying on the floor. We had entered the sick ward. There was also a funk in the air and just as I noticed it, someone came by me with a full barf-bag. We were standing right next to the trash can so she had to walk right by me to throw it away. Then another person headed our way, but her bag was dripping (I am gagging while typing this). So, we went back outside. Kenny went to the first level cabin to see if it was any better-nope. Worse. Ugh-so gross. When we got back to land, we took a break and just sat outside for a bit. I hate that I get seasick. I can’t do anything about it.

Something I noticed while in Boston: Before we actually went, I was looking for restaurants online. I saw that there were a ton of French restaurants, from casual café’s to expensive, fancy places. When we got there, there were French people everywhere! I assume, they were mostly French-Canadian, because Quebec is relatively close. I swear we never went more than 5 minutes without hearing someone speaking French. I would say we had a 50/50 split between French and heavy Boston accents. Am I missing something? I thought Boston was known more-so for the Irish…..

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Off to Boston

Kenny and I leave for Boston next week! Neither of us has been and we both thought it sounded like a really great place to visit! I have no idea what we are going to do when we get there, but I am going to try to figure some of it out this weekend. I have had a few suggestions thrown out that sounded pretty good too! I am not even worried about it because 1.I won't be at work and 2.I will be with Kenny. What could be better?


Stupid gym

Why is it that whenever we don’t belong to a gym, all I want to do is go and when we have a membership, it's the last thing I want to do? We are currently donating to 24 Hour Fitness. I don’t think we have been for close to a month. I want to go, but when I get home I get so unmotivated. It only gets worse if I wait for Kenny to get home. Then I feel bad for leaving the dogs again. Then I am hungry for dinner. Then I am tired. Excuses, excuses. Every time I go I feel so great after and wonder why I don’t go every single day. It really helped when I had a personal trainer because I had to go-not a choice.

I would much rather be outside walking, hiking, or riding my bike but the weather needs to be nice to do that! We have another storm coming through the next few days, so there goes that idea for the weekend.


A few words on my trip to San Francisco

I'm home. Had a great time. The work part of it was pretty painless and then Kenny came out Thursday morning. Ryan and Darcie were fantastic hosts. We ate way to much food and walked a million miles. Hopefully, we walked off most of the calories consumed but I highly doubt it. I got a bunch of blisters on my feet. We saw the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Park, the aquarium, went to Napa, and did some other things in between. We were bombarded by seagulls and mass poop bombs, ate too many delicious treats to count, and Kenny had a failed attempt at surfing (too cold and windy).


San Francisco

Well, I am off to San Francisco. I will be there for work through Wednesday and then Kenny is going to fly out on Thursday! We will head back Sunday to spend Easter with family. We are both really looking forward to the trip, and our good friends Ryan and Darcie will definitely make it a fun one!

I will be sure to post some pictures when we get back and hopefully I will have a story or two to share.