31 weeks

 Baby #2




Mr. Roboto

I seriously listen to this at least 10 times a day. Lennon likes to play it on my iPhone while dancing. Over and over and over. Thanks, Uncle Karl.

29 weeks

Baby #2



28 weeks

Baby #2

This is the one week I forgot to take a picture when I was preggo with Lennon. So, no comparison this week!


My resolution? Um.....

I would love to say I make resolutions for the new year, but frankly, what's the point? It's just something else stuck in my head that I will absolutely fail. Making life more simple seems to be a constant goal, so we will just say its an ongoing resolution.

I have officially gone into "M mode". I totally just hinted at the name of the new little one. Can you believe it? I didn't want to do anything until after the holidays because we had company and I wanted to keep our last available guest room as long as possible. Well, the holidays are gone and so is the guest room. I've started to get the room ready and I am pretty excited about my purchases sofar. I ordered this rug and this print yesterday and cannot wait until they arrive. Fortunately, there isn't a ton more that we need, so I should have this wrapped up in the next couple weeks.

Then it's onto the rest of the house. Clean, clean, clean. Like, spring cleaning clean. Go through everything and clear out whatever we aren't using. Everything should be ready for M by February, then we can just sit back and wait.

It's getting close. We are excited, but I am sad too. Sad that I will now have to split my time. I know it's going to be fine, but I can't imagine not giving Lennon my full attention. She's so great and I love hanging out with her everyday, just the two of us. I am trying to take advantage of that every day.


27 weeks

 Baby #2


Again, the picture is messed up. I don't get it.