An injury is in Kenny's future

Kenny will be playing in a dodgeball tournament this Saturday. That is pretty much all the information I received. Oh, and the winning team gets $1000 and free Chick-fil-a for a year.

Grown men playing dodgeball...someone is definitely going to get hurt and guess who my money is on.


The time has come

I cannot believe I am about to say this. Brace yourself people. These words do not come easy for me.

I am ready for kids. Or, a kid. Whatever.

This is the last you will hear mention of it though. I will not:

1. Obsess about it and tell everyone that we are a) trying or b) practicing. Who says we are and, frankly, no one wants to hear that.

2. Point out every baby when we are in public and say how adorable they are and how I want one now, right now. This very second. Get me one. I.want.a.baby.

3. Just because I am ready for them still does not mean that I like yours. Kenny and I will still roll our eyes at your ill-behaved spawn. Since we don't have kids yet, this is still completely acceptable.

If/when it happens, it happens. I have just decided that I am ok with it now. It would be really great to have a kid or two and raise them with Kenny. They would have to be tough little cookies though because as many of you know, Kenny hurts kids. Not on purpose, it just happens. Anyone remember Cole and the matador? Poor kid. Never saw it coming.


I can only WORK at work?

Recently my work has fired about 6 people for inappropriate IM/email/Internet usage. That means 1)No more catching up on all my blogs or favorite websites from work and 2)No more blog posting at work. Frankly, the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit on the computer. I am in front of one for 8 hours a day and I think that is plenty. Unfortunately, this may mean less postings! I am not happy about it and will try to figure out a way to do it anyways. Work is my time to get personal things done! How dare they.

I will leave you with this…


Seattle or bust!

For our second wedding anniversary, I took Kenny on a surprise trip with surprise friends! Kris and Patrick came over on Wednesday night and Kenny had no clue. Patrick showed up first and Kenny thought that he was just stopping by to visit. When he finally figured it out, he was really excited!

We also kept the “where” part a surprise until we got to the gate. I cannot tell you how many times I almost wrecked where we were going! This trip has been planned for months and things have happened, or we have seen things on tv, where I wanted to say, “Oh, we can go there when we are on our trip.” or “I can’t wait until we are in Seattle to do…..” I did it though! I kept it a secret until the last possible second!

For the record, I love everything about Seattle. I would move there tomorrow if I could.
I decided that on this trip, everything we did had to be accessible by foot, monorail, ferry, etc. So, we stayed right downtown at The Alexis. It is a beautiful hotel and was in the perfect location to get to everything with ease.

We arrived in Seattle on Thursday morning and went straight to The Underground Tour. I highly recommend this tour if you ever make it up that way. It is really interesting to think that 16 blocks of Seattle’s “ground floor” is actually really the second floor. It is also weird to think about what goes on in the other 13 blocks where the tour doesn’t venture. I can imagine there is some very sketchy stuff happening down there. The rest of the day we spent walking around town figuring out where things were and what else we could do. We met up with Marcus that night for dinner and went to the Crab Pot. The guys all did a boil and it was a ton of food! We finished the night with a (loooong) walk to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

Friday, we woke up and went to Pike Place Market. I love that place. Kris and I found some fantastic finds and Patrick and Kenny ended up buying a load of fish, lobster tails, and crab from the Pike Place Fish Market. I also found my second husband there. I don’t really believe in past lives, but I seriously have a very strong obsession with anything to do with lighthouses, fishing towns, fisherman (only hot ones of course), fishing boats, etc…..realistically, I cannot stand the ocean and I get sick standing on a docked boat. Kenny was nice enough to take a picture of my 2nd (wearing waders and sporting a beard). It was too funny. I miss him already. After the market, we made our way over to the aquarium. It is a bit older, but you can tell they are working on it. It was also a lot of fun and we got to see some adorable sea otters and an octopus eating 2 fish. They also had my favorite, the decorator crab, so that made me happy.

Saturday was an early morning. We took a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island and walked around there for a while before grabbing some lunch right on the water. It is a gorgeous island and I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t see more. When we got back to Seattle, we stopped by the best crepe place in the world, and then took the monorail over to Seattle Center where we went to Empsfm and took a few pictures with the Space Needle. That night, we met up with Marcus again for dinner and some drinks.

This is the short story of everything we did. I know it’s pretty long, but we were out and about walking up and down huge hills the entire time we were there! We never had a bad meal, and I honestly enjoyed every second of my trip. I even got to see an old friend while there. He works right across the street for where we stayed!

I love Colorado and everything it has to offer, but Seattle has always been one of my favorite places ever. Who knows. Maybe someday I will be able to call it home.


I can hardly wait!


We leave for our "Secret Anniversary Adventure" tomorrow morning. It is not a secret to me where we are going, only to Kenny. All he was told was to take October 16-19 off from work. I am really excited to go where are headed. I LOVE it there!

Kenny and I will be married 2 years next Tuesday. We've been together 9 though, so that's pretty good, right?


Clearly, the next logical choice

As I have said a few times before, I am always hesitant to speak about anyone at work. Well, unless they have been warned. Then it's perfectly fine. This person has not been warned and I don't even care. I have to tell someone.

There is a woman who sits near me that I may or may not despise. Everything about her may or may not irritate, annoy, or disgust me.

She walked in yesterday morning and sat at her desk. I never acknowledge her or look her way. I pretty much act like she doesn't exist. Next thing I hear is, "Your hair looks different. Is that a wig?"

I look over and this woman that I do not think could possibly do anything else to make me like her less is sporting a wig! She then goes on to say this...

Oh, yeah. I don't like hats. I have never liked hats. So, when the weather gets colder I like to keep warm with different wigs. They keep my head really warm.

I would like to point out that I have nothing against wigs, normally. The one she wore was not even cute. It looked as greasy as her real hair and reminded me of a dead squirrel. So, I guess it's cute if you like to see people with dead, greasy animals on their heads.

Weekend recap

Kenny and I brought my mom to see Great Big Sea on Thursday night=Awesome

Went to Denver to go out with Alanna, Brie and Lacey for my birthday (a month late)=Awesome

Got to hang out with Karl (Kenny's brother) who was in town for the weekend=Awesome

Little Danielle (Jeff and Jamie's spawn) turned two and had a fun little birthday party=Awesome

It was the first weekend that felt like fall=Awesome

The carpet guy came over, ripped carpet out, sectioned off the entire area with plastic and put really loud fans in there to dry everything out and the fans had to constantly be running all weekend and the house is disorganized because of everything we had to move out of the way and he wrote a quote totaling $5300 freaking dollars=NOT Awesome


Welcome to my poop house

Anyone aware of what blackwater backup is? Well Internet, it is when the lowest drain in your house (ours being the one in the water heater closet) starts overflowing into your house because something is clogged down below. So, basically, your house becomes filled with poop water. Yep. Happened last night at about 8pm.

A guy came out last night to snake the pipe. I had to throw away about a dozen towels we used to sop up feces-water. It was a great night.

So now, we have someone coming out today to rip everything up that was contaminated and he is going to replace it all.


Sweet Caroline bah bah bah

Ok, fine. Super Diamond was fun. Will I go see them again? Probably not. Would I suggest them to others? Meh. "Surreal Neil" does sound exactly like Neil Diamond which was pretty impressive.

I did not like when the guy next to me took off his afro wig and twirled it around over his head, flinging his sweat all over the side of my damn face. I did not like that one bit.


So, this should be interesting

Kenny called me from work one night asking if we could go to a show in Denver in October. A coworker of his knows one of the guys in the band and wanted us to go with him to see them play. I am always up for whatever, and going to see new bands is always fun.

That may be the final time that last statement leaves my lips.

Above is a picture of the Super Diamonds. I've never been known to keep my opinions to myself so, I will just say it. Eeew. They are a Neil Diamond cover band. Please-go to their site and listen to a tune. Holypooponastick. I am not saying these boys are not nice or good people or not "talented" but I am saying that never in my life would I recommend them to others.

Who knows. Maybe I will be posting something on Monday about how amazing these fellas are and how everyone should see them at some point in their life. I doubt it, but you never know. If I do, make sure to ask me how drunk I was.


I love this woman

This post from The Bloggess is just to amazingly freaking awesome not to share.

That is all.