Lennon: Newborn

Carly, who took my preggo pictures, is doing a project with Lennon. We are going to have her pictures taken every month until she is a year old. These are the photos from this month.


I am going to have to find a different way to save the planet

I have learned that I hate cloth diapers. I love the thought of them, but actually using them sucks. When we were, Lennon would wake up every hour because she felt whatever masterpiece she created on her skin. It didn't even cross my mind that it was the diapers until one night we used disposable because all the diaper covers were dirty. She slept for hours at a time. Thinking maybe it was a fluke, we tried again the following night. Nope. The stupid-ass cloth diapers were keeping all of us awake. We were already on the fence with them, but this was a deal breaker. We have been using disposables ever since and they are so much better it's ridiculous. Blowouts have been reduced by 90% and sleep has been increased by a good 3-4 hours per night.

I still think that they are a great thing and some people really do love them. I think that they would work a lot better when she isn't so small and messy. We may go back to them. Probably not, but it's an option. I just want to keep an open mind not to upset Mother Earth. I tried, lady. I tried.


Labor story

I have to say that I have been extremely lucky with this pregnancy and delivery. Everything has gone well, and I feel so fortunate for that. I don't take one second of it for granted and there are truly no word to describe it.

First, I was scheduled in at 8:30am on Friday morning to be induced, so this all happened at the perfect time!

Kenny and I were watching tv on Thursday night, just hanging out. Around 9pm, I felt like my contractions were somewhat consistent. I have been having braxton hicks for months now, so they were nothing I really paid any attention to. They were about 15 minutes apart but still painless.

We headed to bed around 10:30 or so. I woke up at 2am and was unable to get back to sleep. They were still relatively painless, but just enough to keep me awake. At 4:15am, I woke Kenny up and said, "Hey. You don't need to get up or anything, but I just wanted to let you now that I am going to go downstairs and watch tv. My contractions are about 4 minutes apart and I can't really walk or talk during them." He then reminded me that that is our queue to head to the hospital. I totally spaced out on that part. I thought they needed to be a lot closer together. Thank goodness for Kenny!

We showed up to the hospital at 5am and they were surprised I made it at home that long with as strong as my contractions were. I was already 5cm as well. (Sidenote-Kenny and I had a discussion a couple of days earlier about how I could totally see myself staying home too long. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and don't like to waste people's time. I told him how I would hate to go to the hospital too early just to get sent back home. Well, it happened! Totally waited longer than I needed to.) They admitted me and I got an epidural not long after I got there. I LOVE those things. It was amazing and made my experience pain free. I am not even kidding. Totally painless. The Dr. came in at about 10am to break my water. I was progressing well, and only knew I was having contractions when I looked at the monitor that said I was. The moms visited as well as the Bingman's. Noon rolled around and they told me I could start to push-so with just Kenny and I in the room, that's exactly what I did. We chit-chatted and had fun conversations (about what song she would be born to. We had some music on and were taking bets with the nurse) in between contractions. That's why the pushing takes so long, which I never realized. Since you can only push during those, there is a lot of time (couple minutes) between to rest or chat ;) Lennon was born at 1:31pm, about 5 minutes after the Dr. came into the room.

We let our visitors come back in and visit for a bit and then Kenny went to the nursery with her for her bath and a few tests.

It was a great experience, and a pretty short labor overall. We are on day 3 of her life and it's been wonderful. We are adjusting well and I am so happy to have Kenny home with us for the first week. He has been amazing and I love our new family.


She's here! She's here!

Lennon Bernadette McKee was born on November 13th, at 1:31 pm. She weighed 7lbs 7 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.

The link to the right has some pictures of her first few days. I will write more later, but just wanted to post a quick update to say that we are all doing well!


40 weeks

This is it! The last week of being pregnant! I honestly have no (real) complaints about being pregnant. It was pretty great, actually.


Exactly what can we make out of this?

Kenny had the day off today. We went out to lunch, did some errands, visited a friend, and I had a Dr. appt. The entire day, I was trying to convince Kenny to go to the grocery store with me. We have no food in the house and I figured we needed to stock up before L arrives. I honestly thought it would be a couple hundred dollar trip. Here is a picture of what we ended up with. Really? What the hell can we make with any of this?

Tortilla chips
Summer sausage
1 can of pumpkin
1 can of soup
String cheese
English muffins
1 box of club crackers
2 lbs of ground meat
That's it.
Pathetic. We are totally screwed.


39 weeks

Sorry I am posting late. I took these last night as we were headed out the door. Went to see So You Think You Can Dance. It was fun! I honestly thought I was going to miss the show (when we bought the tickets) because I would be in the hospital. No such luck!


Come on, already

I have 10 more days until my due date, but as I have said a million times before, I am convinced that L is coming early. As I have also said, I am pretty sure it is more of a wish, but whatever. I have all these plans made between now and the 12th and I have been secretly hoping (until now) that I can't make any of it because I will be having a baby. Sofar, it is not going so well. Still pregnant. I do not do well with patience.

This may be a life lesson for me and I don't appreciate it. I would rather learn it some other time.

Spicy food with a side of castor oil, anyone? Think I will just go for a walk instead.