10 month pictures

It's hard to believe we've only got two more months of photos. Then Lennon will be 1. Amazing. Go here to see her 10 month photos and the updated slide show.


Because I don't have enough to do

Another one is on the way. I decided it would be fun to be pregnant from 2009-2011. Sounds perfectly logical, doesn't it? I always said I would like to have kids close together, so I got my wish! I am hoping it's another girl, so it's probably a boy. Which wouldn't be so bad either. I kind of thought we had decided 2 kids was a good number, and the other day Kenny said that if we have another girl, he would like to try for one more, to maybe have a boy. Uh, what? Yeah. Let's see how this one goes first.

Kenny and I are super excited and Lennon is, of course, clueless. My due date is march 30th.