Done and done

After a week of 14+ hour days, way too much fast food, and the help of amazing family and friends we have a fence, the house is painted, the deck is stained and we are all.moved.in.
There are still a bunch of things we need/want to do (paint the exterior, new kitchen, new bathroom counters, etc…), but we are happy to call this our home. (Originally posted July 15, 2012)

It's official

Well, we are officially homeless. We closed on our house this morning. It was our first home together as a newly married couple. Both our girls were born there (well, not there, but you get what I mean). It was a good home. We made a lot of great memories there. I will miss our cul-de-sac, our neighbors, and our great backyard. I will even miss our fake grass. 
Some fantastic family offered to let us stay with them in-between selling our house and buying a new one. We are currently living in a cozy basement, which fits us perfectly. We couldn’t appreciate it more. Not one bit. It’s pretty great having such a gracious family. 
Let the house hunting begin.
(Originally posted May 11, 2012)

Marin Vi is one, folks

Happy birthday, sweet girl.

Happy day, Marin!

Marin turns one on Sunday. Happy birthday sunshine!

Go here to watch her one year slideshow.

Marin, 11 months

Hard to believe she is almost one.

Marin, 10 months

So stinkin'cute, this one. Here you go.

Marin, 9 months

Again, I'm behind. Won't happen again. Take a look here.

Marin, 8 months

I know I am a bit behind, but here are Marin's 8 month photos.


Visiting Santa

Tonight we made a trip to the mall to see Santa. Lennon and I chat about him pretty regularly these days, so I honestly thought she would be totally fine with pictures this year. 

Walking by him, she thought he was great. She would wave and say hello. She even blew him a kiss. We went to wait in line. Still good. Finally we were next. She was holding my hand, looked over at him, looked back at me and said, "All done, mommy." I explained we were going to take a picture with him and she said ok. On our way over, she stopped and started pulling back. We made it to Santa and I was carrying her at this point. I tried to put her down and she held on so tight I didn't even need to hold her. Pretty funny. After asking if she would like to sit on his lap, next to him, stand in front of him, etc...she agreed to sit on my lap. After this shot, I asked her if she wanted to try one sitting with him and she told me, "No thank you mommy. All done please." Can't argue with that.

The entire time, Marin was just sitting on his lap staring at him and his beard. It was all we could do to get her to look at the camera. 

My apologies to the few that will get one of these pictures. Didn't mean to mess up the cuteness with my mug.


Happy birthday, Lennon!

We had a great birthday party for Lennon this past Sunday. Friends and family came over to help us celebrate her 2nd birthday. I decided on a Dr. Seuss theme because those are some of her favorite books right now. It was the most homemade I've been making all the decorations, food, desserts, etc...I had some help here and there, but barely anything was store bought. Go me! I had a lot of fun getting ready for this and Lennon had a great day.