9 months old!

Here is Carly's blog post with Lennon's 9 month pictures. So cute.


Where are all the manners?

We went out to dinner tonight with some friends. They go to this place often, so they know a lot of the people that work there. The owner's mother (I believe) came over to our table and started to talk to Lennon. She was rubbing her cheek with her hand. Does anyone else find this incredibly disgusting or is it just me? I don't really want strangers touching my baby, and especially not on her face. A bit later she came back with a carrot. A raw carrot. She tried to hand it straight to Lennon and I intercepted it right at the last second. No thanks, lady. I am going to go ahead and say no to the choking hazard. Thanks. Then she decided she wanted to hold her, so she picked her up and walked around with her. The woman asked me her name and then turned to Lennon and said (in a baby voice), "WOW. Why would your mommy give you that name? You don't like it, do you? Nooooo." I could care less if people don't like her name, but is it really necessary to insult it two seconds after being introduced to her?

I totally expected people to be inappropriate when I had kids. I see it all the time with my friends. But, it still amazes me when it actually happens.