My baby shower

OMG! Presents!

This past Saturday was my baby shower. It was lovely and I am so grateful to have friends who took time out of their busy lives to host it for me! It was fun and I really got some great stuff. I think we are ready for L to arrive. Sunday, I washed, assembled, and removed tags from everything and put it all away. It’s all organized and ready to be used.

The link to the right has all the pictures from my shower.


One of the things Kenny is better at than me

FYI, if there is ever a bug in our house it is best if Kenny is there to take care of it. Spiders are the worst. Let me break it down for you.

How Kenny handles it:
1. Kill the spider
2. Throw the spider in the trash

How I handle it:
1. See the spider and then freeze in fear
2. Stare at it for another minute or so to make sure it isn’t going to move
3. If the spider is not going to make a crunching noise when I kill it, go to get one of Kenny’s shoes. The sheer size of his shoe alone almost guarantees that the spider will not be able to climb on the shoe and touch me
4. Stare at the spider some more to plot its demise
5. Oh my God. It looked at me. Back away from the spider
6. Throw the shoe at it in hopes the weight of the shoe will crush it
7. Argh! It looked at me again
8. Throw the shoe a second time because I missed
9. Look at it all crinkled on the ground
10. Put Kenny’s shoe on and step on it again, just to make sure it’s dead
11. Get approximately 1 entire roll of paper towels to pick it up and flush it. I can’t just throw it away, it could come back to life, climb out of the trash and touch me
12. The next 10 times I use that bathroom, I check the seat and bowl just to make sure it didn’t crawl back up the pipe and onto the seat to have its revenge. You never know if you killed a spider with scuba skills
13. Walk around the house for the next week, month, year will eyes peeled waiting for the next one and just hoping Kenny is home to take care of it


33 weeks

People have been asking me if Kenny has put on any sympathy weight. My answer to that is no way. He looks great! No extra pounds for him!


Non-pregnant pregnant pictures

Kenny and I had some non-pregnancy preggo pictures taken this past weekend. You can see ALL of them here! So, basically, they are just pictures where I happen to be pregnant. No tummy holding here!


32 weeks

8 more Thursdays until L is here! Yesterday I woke up sore, sat through work sore and came home feeling sore. I haven't felt achy for an entire day up until now and I hope it was short lived. It was draining! Today I am a little better, but still a tiny bit uncomfortable. With 8 (ish) more weeks to go, I hope this is not going to stick around from here on out.
This weekend, Kenny and I (and the girls) are going to have some pictures taken. A friend of mine is going to take some "non-cheesy" preggo pictures for us to hang up in L's room as well as a few other places. We are really looking forward to it. I have been wanting to do them for weeks now but wasn't allowed because I wasn't "big enough". She even asked if I wanted to push it back some more. No way!


31 weeks

This is my 31 weeks picture and my birthday all rolled into one!
(I feel like I looked bigger last week.)

Happy birthday to me!

It's my birthday today!


Latest ultrasound

Our cousin, Amanda, owns a business called Miracle in Motion and when we were out visiting she offered to do a 3D/4D ultrasound for us. I was not planning on getting one, but I am so happy that I did! I can't believe that she only weighs about 3 lbs right now and she's already got those chubby cheeks! We had the room filled with family and it was a really good time. If you want to see the rest of the pictures from my appointment, they are on the link to the right.
Vacation pictures will be posted soon as well. My home computer didn't download everything it was supposed to last night. Stupid computer.


Back to reality

Kenny and I are sitting in Chicago waiting for our flight back home. Since we have a 4 hour layover, I thought now a good time as any to recap on our trip. We had a really great time and are sad to be heading home already. Aside from the 3,427 mosquito bites that I have, we could not have asked for a better trip. We got to spend time with great family, that we just love, and just have a good time. Between the great company, delicious food,a million laughs, and the party, we couldn't have planned a better visit!

Oh. Well I guess I have one complaint. Aunt Patti should have raised a better son. One who isn't a big, fat cheater.


30 weeks

30 weeks, people. 10 more weeks (ish). I decided to switch it up and take a bare and clothed stomach picture. I'm so crazy!
Kenny and I are headed to Indiana tomorrow for Labor Day weekend to visit Aunt Patti and most of Kenny's family from his dad's side. She has a Labor Day party every year and it also happens to be a milestone birthday for her, so it's a double whammy! We will be back Monday evening.


Human sausage link

There goes another outfit option. I had on a really cute dress and leggings today and half way through the morning I could barely breathe and I am pretty sure the circulation to the lower half of my body was completely cut off. I could not get home fast enough during lunch to change out of it.

I feel so much better now! It’s a slap in the face when I think something still fits, and then I put it on. Or, just try to. I attempted to put a dress on and it was not even coming close to zipping shut.