Last pictures for L

Here is the last blog post from Carly for Lennon's "Don't Blink Project". I am going to miss having her picture taken every month.

22 weeks

 Baby #2


I hope that everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving. And, it's totally fine if you eat too much. Doesn't count tomorrow. Cheers.



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Lennon had a fantastic day on Saturday. It still blows my mind that she is one already. The link to the right will take you to her party pictures. We had an ice cream bar and had had family and close friends over to help celebrate her day.


Happy birthday, Pumpkin.

I cannot believe my Lennon is going to be a year old on Saturday! Happy birthday, Lennon. We love you so much!

20 weeks

 Baby #2
Lennon at 20 week

Half way there. I had my ultrasound this morning. Another girl will be joining the McKee clan! Super excited she will have an older sister and two other girl cousins to grow up with, all so close together in age. Going to be crazy when they all get a bit older.


19 weeks

Baby #2

Lennon at 19 weeks

It's been requested that I post these again. I don't know that I was going to actually, but I am here to please. Here is week 19. This is when I started taking pictures with Lennon. For a starting point, I posted a picture of me with Lennon the same week..