25 weeks

Look Jeff! I'm wearing clothes!


Another wall done

I just ordered these letters from Pottery Barn Kids. I did not order these specific letters though, just incase you were wondering. I am very excited about how it's going to look! The wall that I am going to put them on is pretty big, so this will take up the entire area. I was worried about what I could put there, so I am very excited I found these!

Because I am concerned for your safety

A public service announcement of sorts

Never go see a movie with Kenny if there are any scary parts. Like, none what-so-ever. Even if the rest of the movie is puppies and rainbows with one jump-out scary scene, forget it. He is the easiest person to scare. He jumps out of his seat. On occasion, he has even hurt me by flailing his arms and smacking me with an elbow or other body part. I rarely get startled by the movie itself, but instead by Kenny’s ridiculous convulsions of fear.

Thank you


At least they are the same color

I have been at work 2 hours and just noticed my shoes...


I need a bib, please

New milestone. Yesterday I dropped some food and it landed on my stomach. Not the floor. Not my lap. My stomach. I was slightly traumatized by the whole thing, then I chuckled to myself. I have never had a problem with stuff landing on me. I've got a small rack and my stomach never stuck out. Well, the day is here.

And, why did I write this blog at this very second? I just saw something out of the corner of my eye. Apparently I just spilled some water on myself too. Right on the gut.

Ask me again in a couple months when I am ready to pop, but sofar, this being preggo thing is pretty great.


No, I'm not just fat

It's only come about in this past week or so. I have noticed people walking by me and looking down at my stomach. They never say a word. I know they are wondering if I am fat or pregnant. Up until now, I have been wearing looser shirts. I thought today, I would make it a bit more clear. The protruding bellybutton should help.

Off to work!

23 weeks

Kenny told me I need to apologize to Jeff and people at his work. I did not have this posted promptly on Thursday. I have a life, sorry.


Perfectly stated

Pacingthepanicroom.com is one of my favorite blogs. I think it's great. This past week he posted this. I completely agree and could not have said it better myself, so why try? It's a bit long, but worth the read.


22 weeks

Today, around 3:30pm, I felt her kick for the first time. I thought I was a horrible mother because I had not felt anything yet. Turns out I have an anterior placenta. I learned that at my appointment. All that means is that it goes baby then placenta instead of the other way around. If this is the case, people usually don't feel the baby kick until later because they have a big trampoline in their way. Phew. It also means that I won't see the baby move until later. Kindof a bummer, but those are the only downfalls. Other than that, all is well.


It totally ruined my day

Last week I almost cried over ice cream.

Kenny and I went to Dairy Queen. We were going through the drive through and when they handed Kenny my dipped cone, I almost broke down right there. Instead of the perfect cone I am used to with the swirly top and precise dip, I was handed a tilted, squished, messy disaster. The cone was dipped too far making the chocolate run down the sides of the cone. The ice cream was dripping out of the chocolate shell. It was horrible. Kenny asked if I wanted to get a new one, which I declined, but I was ready to ball. He never saw though. I was in the back seat and ate my monstrosity in silence.


Happy 4th

I was really not looking forward to the 4th this year (sorry guys!). We made plans to head down to Kris and Patrick’s house. Last time we hung out with Patrick on the 4th, I spent the night sitting in a truck while all the guys shot each other with bottle-rockets. Kenny has a scar on his shoulder to prove it. I don’t like being startled and I hate loud things, so fireworks are not on my list of favorites.

It ended up being a fun night-they had a party in their back pasture and set off fireworks for a good two hours. It’s completely different if I know they’re coming. We spent the night and then got to hang out at their parents pool on Sunday-not a bad weekend!

Sidenote: I think stomach touchers are like cats. Cats know exactly who doesn’t like them or who is allergic to them and they seem to want to hang out with only those people. These stomach touchers are coming out of the woodworks! You all told me, “Oh, no one touched my stomach while I was pregnant.” That is crap. I have had more random people, sometimes strangers, come up to me and do the rub.


21 weeks

This is the first week I noticed my stomach when wearing my clothes. I feel like it's been pretty well hidden until now. When I compare it to the other pictures, it doesn't look that much different, but in person, I think it is definitely bigger.

Yes, I am home alone, again.

Paper doll wall art

I just ordered this from Urban Outfitters and I am so excited to get it! I think it is adorable and will look great in baby L's new room!


Check it off the list

I called Linds and asked her if she could go to Babies-R-Us with me to help me register. Kenny and I had such a horrible time the first go-round and I desperately needed a moms help. Or, so I thought I did. We showed up and ended up only adding about 5 more things! I guess Kenny and I aren’t as clueless as we thought we were-somewhat comforting. So, other than going back to Target to add a couple more items I forgot about, we are done registering! I know it’s a bit early, but I am too impatient to wait. So, another thing checked off the list!

Now, I just have to finish the room, which is not going well. I ordered a rug I am pretty sure I will hate, I found a dresser that’s a bit more than I wanted to spend (it’s on my registry actually), and I have yet to find artwork on www.Etsy.com that will work. Like the registry and picking a name, I just want it done.