Enough with the crap emails already!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I receive crap emails from people. Whether it be an obviously photoshopped picture or some bogus article, it drives me crazy. I would have to say the worst person with this is my Aunt J. Every single time I get an email from her, I hop over to Snopes.com, find the page saying it is FALSE, and reply (to all) with the link. It seriously takes 2 seconds to check to see if something is true or not. I think she might be getting annoyed with my constant false responses, but I am far more annoyed with the stupid emails! I don't want to hear about the gay Jesus movie (false) or see the photo of the shark eating the marine climbing a ladder to a helicopter (false). Keep them to yourselves please.


Unconditional love

My little Clementine is adorable. We just love her to pieces. She's our fragile little flower. You can't yell at her, or she cries. If you grab her collar (with your damn pinkie) to bring her somewhere, she pulls on it and cries. You can't look at her like you are upset with her either. She cowers, tucks her tail, and has even cried. Do you see a trend? So, we have to treat her differently. She still gets in trouble, but we "yell" at her in a normal tone and volume.

She also has selective listening skills. When outside and we call her to come in, most of the time she will just look at us then keep going about her business. When it is time for her to go in her kennel, she just stays on her pillow near the front window and completely ignores us. These quirks don't bother me one bit. It makes her who she is.

She does have one habit that disgusts me beyond belief.

Clementine is always hungry, always. We feed her enough, and three times a day, so she is never starving. But, if we are in the kitchen, eating downstairs, or my mom's dog is eating her food, Clem is ready for to grab whatever may fall to the ground. She has one treat imparticular that really gets her going.


I am not even kidding. It is repulsive. She likes to find poop in the backyard and snack on it. It has been dubbed poopsicles or soft serve. What is soft serve do you ask? Oh, well, that is when Hazel is outside getting ready to drop a deuce and Clementine is 3 inches from her ass just waiting for it to come out. This is no joke. We try to keep an eye on her, so she does not do it that often, but the second we look away, she is ready and waiting by Hazels pooper. What cracks me up about the whole thing is that Hazel is the one with the nasty breath. The one that snacks on crap has totally fresh breath! How unfair. People have given us a million ideas on how to stop it, but frankly, they are all too much work. Or, they don't work at all.

I really hope this doesn't deter anyone from cuddling with my little Lemon next time they see her. She has mouthwash, and I use it.


They're everywhere!

Is it just me, or is everyone pregnant lately? It seems like everywhere I look, I see a baby or a belly, or even both. I can think of at least a dozen people off the top of my head that I know are expecting. One, any day now (Carolee)!

I saw an article today about how we may be having another baby boom. Interesting...


Breakfast strata

We had a St. Patrick's Day potluck at work and I was told to bring a breakfast food in. Yes, told. Not asked.

My friend, Linds, sent me a recipe for a strata. I knew what they were, but I have never made one before. I thought it was delicious! It's so easy and you can do a million different things with it. Just make the basic strata and then add whatever you want to it. For work, I made bacon and cheddar. Just make sure that if you have any sort of meat, you cook it beforehand.

Basic Strata recipe:

Cut bread into 1/2 inch chunks. You may also slice it-personal preference. You can also choose whatever kind of bread you would like. I used french bread.

Spray Pam in a 9x13 pan. Layer bread on the bottom. Next, layer the filling of your choice. Layer bread again.

Whisk 6 eggs and 4 cups of heavy cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour over bread.

Bake at 350 for 45-1 hour, until golden.



I hope that everyone has a fantastic St. Patrick's Day! Today is my favorite day. Well, my second. My birthday is my favorite, for obvious reasons.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Happy Anniversary!

So, march 4th was my 1 year blogging anniversary! I have been at it for one whole year! I really do enjoy writing on here, but feel bad when I neglect it. Doesn't make any sense at all really. It's my blog! I can do what I want, when I want!

Happy Anniversary Je Deteste Travailler! Looking forward to many blogs to come.

P.S. This blog will undergo a change.....coming soon(ish). Stay tuned.