Balloon Classic? Maybe next year.

Kenny was so excited to take Lennon to see the hot air balloons this morning. I, on the other hand, like my sleep and would rather head down there in the evening for the glow. He has told me that one of his fondest memories is waking up early, getting orange juice, and heading out to see the balloons with his dad when he was growing up. He is really excited about starting this tradition with the girls. I will gladly join when they are old enough to remember me going ;) It just seems to me that those dang things are so unpredictable. This morning, it was too windy, so the ascension was cancelled. Their morning trip was all for nothing. I'm sure Kenny loved every second of it though.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, go here.

Guess who's 5 months old

For the longest time, I felt like time was dragging a bit with Marin. I am not trying to rush time by any means, but I just felt like she was staying little. For too long. My little, adorable, sack of potatoes. All of a sudden, she's almost 6 months old. I remember 6 months being the time when, all of a sudden, Lennon was so "grown up". Marin is beginning to do new things every day. These are exciting days.

Here are her 5 month pictures. I am so excited for her 6 month pictures. The whole family will be included, and we will be taking them at one of the cutest places around.