My living science experiment

I feel like, lately, my baby is a science experiment. .8mL Zantac first thing in the morning. Feed her but then give her 2oz. of formula. She may drink it. She may not. Up for an hour. Nap time. Does she need .3mL of Mylicon today? Have I tried the Karo today? A tsp. per bottle. Oh she won't drink that? What about the Miralax? A teaspoon of that in 2-3 bottles/day. Right. Then make sure to apply her ointment (prescription) when I change her diapers. Another nap. Then feed and maybe another bottle. Repeat one more time. Ready for bed? .8mL more Zantac and ointment on the diaper rash.

My days are consumer by measurements and clocks.

4 months old

As you all know, this month has been a little rough on all of us. We are still trying to work the kinks out. I hope to have my happy little girl back soon.

Go here to see her 4 month pictures
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Board up the doors and windows and cut the phone lines

Well, my Lennon is still not 100%. The medication she is on for the reflux seems to be helping (it's the second one we have tried), but she is still always tired and is not eating that well. I tried to go about my day yesterday and we went to lunch. That lasted about 15 minutes and then she started to cry. So, we came home. This is so not normal for her. I haven't talked to my family or friends in a couple weeks and I just don't want to do anything. I want for her to be back to her normal, cheerful, adorable self. We had another rough night last night too. I'm not sure what's going on and it is so frustrating that I can't figure it out or fix it. When I tell the Dr. that she is always tired and not eating much, he seems to not be too concerned about it. I know this will pass sooner or later, but it's really rough on everyone and just makes me so sad.


My poor girl

The good news is I did not break my baby. The bad news is that we think she has reflux. We went to the Dr. on Friday and she's now on medicine for it. It has not started to work yet, but we should hopefully see some improvement in the next couple days. Fingers crossed. It's been a long couple of nights. We are on night #3. Wish us luck.


She did it!

Two days before she turns 4 months old she decides to roll over! Big day at the McKee household!


I've already failed as a parent

Approximate schedule before last Wednesday:
Wake up at 7:45am. Naps at 10 and 2 which she took in her crib. Only fussed for a second and then fell asleep. Adorable and smiley during the day. Barely fussed at all, if any. Bedtime at about 6 so that when the time change happens this weekend, it will be 7. I was planning ahead.
She was great sleeping through the night waking up once or twice and then going right back to sleep.

Last Wednesday to last night:
I was trying to get her to go to bed on her own. I would put her down and she would cry. I would check on her every 10 minutes to reassure her. It started to get better, then it got worse.
During the day she was always tired. Naps were messed up. She wasn't smiley and was always rubbing her eyes because she was so exhausted. Last night I put operation "cry-it-out" on hold until she is older. I went and got her and held her until she fell asleep, about 10 minutes. Then she woke up at 2:45am. I fed her and put her back down. She cried and stayed awake until 5am. Not normal. I have totally wrecked my baby.

Today, Wednesday, a new day:
She woke up at 8am and I just put her down for a nap. She fussed for two seconds and is asleep (I think). I will put her down in her crib tonight for bed and if/when she starts to cry, I will get her. I will hold her and rock her until she falls asleep. Then I will walk her up to her room and put her down. Hopefully, I will get my happy, non-exhausted baby back.

I've already failed.

UPDATE: Not asleep for nap. Screaming.