Visiting Santa

Tonight we made a trip to the mall to see Santa. Lennon and I chat about him pretty regularly these days, so I honestly thought she would be totally fine with pictures this year. 

Walking by him, she thought he was great. She would wave and say hello. She even blew him a kiss. We went to wait in line. Still good. Finally we were next. She was holding my hand, looked over at him, looked back at me and said, "All done, mommy." I explained we were going to take a picture with him and she said ok. On our way over, she stopped and started pulling back. We made it to Santa and I was carrying her at this point. I tried to put her down and she held on so tight I didn't even need to hold her. Pretty funny. After asking if she would like to sit on his lap, next to him, stand in front of him, etc...she agreed to sit on my lap. After this shot, I asked her if she wanted to try one sitting with him and she told me, "No thank you mommy. All done please." Can't argue with that.

The entire time, Marin was just sitting on his lap staring at him and his beard. It was all we could do to get her to look at the camera. 

My apologies to the few that will get one of these pictures. Didn't mean to mess up the cuteness with my mug.


Happy birthday, Lennon!

We had a great birthday party for Lennon this past Sunday. Friends and family came over to help us celebrate her 2nd birthday. I decided on a Dr. Seuss theme because those are some of her favorite books right now. It was the most homemade I've been making all the decorations, food, desserts, etc...I had some help here and there, but barely anything was store bought. Go me! I had a lot of fun getting ready for this and Lennon had a great day.


7 months old

These have to be some of my favorite pictures ever. Marin looks so adorable in them that I can hardly stand it.

6 month family pictures

Here are Marin's 6 month photos. We snuck in them to make a family shoot. They were taken at Happy Apple Farm and I think they turned out great. We may even have gotten a Christmas card out of the day.


Balloon Classic? Maybe next year.

Kenny was so excited to take Lennon to see the hot air balloons this morning. I, on the other hand, like my sleep and would rather head down there in the evening for the glow. He has told me that one of his fondest memories is waking up early, getting orange juice, and heading out to see the balloons with his dad when he was growing up. He is really excited about starting this tradition with the girls. I will gladly join when they are old enough to remember me going ;) It just seems to me that those dang things are so unpredictable. This morning, it was too windy, so the ascension was cancelled. Their morning trip was all for nothing. I'm sure Kenny loved every second of it though.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, go here.

Guess who's 5 months old

For the longest time, I felt like time was dragging a bit with Marin. I am not trying to rush time by any means, but I just felt like she was staying little. For too long. My little, adorable, sack of potatoes. All of a sudden, she's almost 6 months old. I remember 6 months being the time when, all of a sudden, Lennon was so "grown up". Marin is beginning to do new things every day. These are exciting days.

Here are her 5 month pictures. I am so excited for her 6 month pictures. The whole family will be included, and we will be taking them at one of the cutest places around.


Marin is 4 months old!

Well, she's adorable. Just too cute. Our little M is 4 months old. Go here to check out her latest pictures.


Marin, 3 months

Here is the link to Marin's 3 month pictures. There is also a link on that page to see the rest of her series thus far.


What.....a slacker

It's been a while, Internet. Sorry. I've been a busy girl these past few months. It's been great. I love it. I get to wake up to this everyday.
And I get to play with this one.

Although everything runs pretty smooth on a daily basis, we are still working some kinks out. Mostly with the wee ones sleeping. Things are good though. No, things are great.


She's here!

Well, I guess I won't be posting week 39 or 40 photos. Little Marin Vi McKee is here! She's tiny and cute and loud. You can go to the link on the right to see more pictures of her first few days. Labor and delivery went well. Nothing like the first time around, but overall, still an ok experience. And, this time my water broke at home, so that was different.




36 weeks

 Baby #2



35 weeks

 Baby #2


Had a Dr. appt today and she said my last ultrasound looked normal. Baby M is just small. Even though I am smaller this time, I feel the opposite. My stomach is so tight. I am sore everywhere, all the time. Oh well! 5 more weeks. Just 5 more weeks(ish).


Round 2

We just finished my preggo picts with Carly. Go here to check them out.


34 weeks

 Baby #2



M's room

Here are some pictures of M's room. We are still missing the rocking chair and a few odds and ends. When I posted pictures of Lennon's room, we were missing the chair too.....and for the same reason. My mom is painting one for us. So, again, it may be a while.

33 weeks

 Baby #2


I went to the Dr. this past week and they said I am measuring a bit small. I have another ultrasound scheduled next Friday to double check growth. She said M is probably just thin and tall, but they want to double check.  


32 weeks

 Baby #2



31 weeks

 Baby #2




Mr. Roboto

I seriously listen to this at least 10 times a day. Lennon likes to play it on my iPhone while dancing. Over and over and over. Thanks, Uncle Karl.

29 weeks

Baby #2



28 weeks

Baby #2

This is the one week I forgot to take a picture when I was preggo with Lennon. So, no comparison this week!


My resolution? Um.....

I would love to say I make resolutions for the new year, but frankly, what's the point? It's just something else stuck in my head that I will absolutely fail. Making life more simple seems to be a constant goal, so we will just say its an ongoing resolution.

I have officially gone into "M mode". I totally just hinted at the name of the new little one. Can you believe it? I didn't want to do anything until after the holidays because we had company and I wanted to keep our last available guest room as long as possible. Well, the holidays are gone and so is the guest room. I've started to get the room ready and I am pretty excited about my purchases sofar. I ordered this rug and this print yesterday and cannot wait until they arrive. Fortunately, there isn't a ton more that we need, so I should have this wrapped up in the next couple weeks.

Then it's onto the rest of the house. Clean, clean, clean. Like, spring cleaning clean. Go through everything and clear out whatever we aren't using. Everything should be ready for M by February, then we can just sit back and wait.

It's getting close. We are excited, but I am sad too. Sad that I will now have to split my time. I know it's going to be fine, but I can't imagine not giving Lennon my full attention. She's so great and I love hanging out with her everyday, just the two of us. I am trying to take advantage of that every day.


27 weeks

 Baby #2


Again, the picture is messed up. I don't get it.