29 weeks

This week, I am back at home, in my very own bathroom, taking pictures of myself.


Open letter to L

Daughter o’ mine,

I am really looking forward to your arrival in a couple months, but feel as though we already need to have our first talk. I love you more than words can express, but I already have a problem with you.

Please stop messing with my bladder. It is not a drum, punching bag, or bean bag. I don’t appreciate the continuous pressure you are putting on it nor do I appreciate the jabs and pokes, which you figured out how to do yesterday. I was just sitting in the car, minding my own business, and all of a sudden it felt like someone was squishing my bladder like one of those stress balls. I have things to do, a life to lead, and when I constantly feel as though I need to have a bathroom within 20 feet of me, that is not good.

As I consider my self relatively earth-conscious and hope to raise you the same way, I don’t feel as though we are getting off to a good start. The amount of water I am wasting having to use the restroom 50 times a day is not appreciated. Not to mention the amount of toilet paper used.

Thanks so much my little (haven’t figured out what I will call you yet).


P.S. And while I have your attention, my ribs should not be used as your xylophone.


28 weeks

Do you want a picture a day late and dark and grainy or no picture at all? Beggars can't be choosers.

I was out and about until late last night and so I took this picture this morning in the bathroom at work.


What the...

While working today, I randomly thought of when we had a garage sale at Kenny's dad's house. We were cleaning the house and came across some boxes from Aunt Dorothy’s house. I guess when she passed away all the kids got the chance to pick out some things that they wanted to keep. They all had their own box. Most of them were filled with random knick-knacks and little keepsakes. Then, we got to Kris’. All I know is he was pretty little when she passed, but I’m not sure of his exact age. Anyways, we unwrapped the first thing. It was a porcelain unicorn figurine. The second? A unicorn. Moving on. Another unicorn. There was nothing else in that box except a million little mythical creatures. When unpacked, they filled up an entire table. We called him to see if he wanted us to send them out. He declined. We thought maybe we could give away a free unicorn with every purchase. Turns out, people didn’t want them. I think a little girl wound up buying most of them (because we made her) for like, a dollar.


The doctor is in

Last night, while watching tv, I mentioned a few aches pains I was experiencing to Kenny. He started explaining why they were happening and what was going on. Uh, thank you Dr. McKee. Turns out he has been reading our What to Expect When You're Expecting book a little more closely then I have. I read the weekly paragraphs and skim through the rest of the chapter, but Kenny is on it. I am so glad he is a wealth of information about pregnancy.

If anyone has any medical questions, feel free to contact my husband. Who knows what else he has rolling around in that head of his!


27 weeks

I am a little late in posting tonight because Kenny decided to "help" me with a project in L's room. His part took about 30 minutes. It took me 2 hours to fix it.


For L's room

I just ordered these for a great shop I found on Etsy. They are for L's room, and this makes the room soooooo close to complete!


At least my hair looks good

I found the link to the story I did for Fox 21.


26 weeks

The finger prick story aired tonight. Although short, I was in most of it. Kindof funny actually. Kenny was nowhere to be found. My mom said she heard his laugh off camera though! They decided to show the part about how I was totally convinced it was a boy. Nice.