L's room

If you click on the link to the right, there are some pictures of L's room. My mom is refinishing a rocking chair for me and painting it bright pink. I figure that should be done around her 3rd birthday. No hurry, mom. You only offered to do it 6 months ago. Take your time.

38 weeks

Please excuse the pj's, but it's my first day off and I didn't feel like sprucing up for you all. Right. Because, I am off until February. Not sure if I've mentioned that.



Today is my last day of work for 3 ½ months and what better way to start it off then to have Kenny try to sabotage me this morning? First, he turned my alarm off by accident. Then, while being super considerate, he took both car keys leaving me with no way to get to work. When he called to let me know what he had done, he was already 45 minutes away from home. Luckily, I was able to find rides to and from work.

No problem!

Doesn’t matter to me!

Don’t sweat it, Kenny!

It’s my last day! Did I mention that? LAST DAY.


Dipped cones are the devil

Dipped cones are my nemesis.

I would have to say (and Kenny would agree) that, for the most part, I have been pretty ok as far as mood swings go. The only other time I remember being completely ridiculous was here.

Well, to add to the dipped cone files…

We went to an Avs game this weekend. Kenny asked me if I wanted anything and I told him I would like a lemonade. He left to go buy some goodies and I left to go use the restroom. When I came back he was sitting there with two dipped cones and no lemonade. NO lemonade. I sat in my seat, took the ice cream, and said thank you. My eyes started to well up and my lip began quivering. I knew I was being completely irrational, but couldn’t stop the waterworks. I sat there silently waiting for it to pass and Kenny looked at me. He said he knew I loved those and so he thought it would be nice to get me one. Granted, it was very considerate, and any other time it would have been perfect, but not this night. All I wanted was a damn lemonade.

I ended up giving my ice cream to a kid in front of me and the lemonade guy walked by as though he knew he would be saving the night from disaster. Crisis averted. Narrowly.


37 weeks

When I compare last weeks pictures to this weeks, it looks like the kid has dropped a bit. Not a significance difference, but lower for sure. 3 weeks to go!


36 weeks

This week I feel bigger. I am still able to do everything, but L is making it just a bit more difficult. I had a dr. appt. today and was told that she weighs about 6lbs. 9 oz. right now......um.....so, she can come any day then as far as I am concerned! I know people who have had babies that weigh this much. Good Lord, how much more is she going to gain?


This is serious

Yesterday, the water pressure in the entire building where I work broke. Meaning, all the bathrooms were deemed useless. For hours. And hours. An email was sent out saying we could go to the building next door to use the restrooms there. For someone who has to pee every 3 minutes, this simply doesn’t work. It was like my hell. I even left to go home early for lunch just so I could use the restroom. By the time I got back to work, it was fixed. Oh man. It would have been a rough afternoon had they not repaired it.

Aaaaaaaaaand, we just got another email saying that it is broken again today. I am going home-this is an unfit working environment. Totally unacceptable.


We shall call her L

It’s not like I am posting L’s name everywhere for all to see. I get that. I don’t want it all over the internet, on Facebook, my blog, or Twitter. But, if asked, I will more than likely tell you. More than likely. Unless, I don’t really know you. Then I just say, we haven’t narrowed it down yet. I think this is completely different than the people who absolutely refuse to tell anyone the name of their unborn child. I think that if someone is going to do this, the name better be damn impressive.

I know someone that has done this recently. It’s more annoying than anything, because you know the name isn’t going to be great anyways. And, in this particular case? It totally wasn’t. It wasn’t unique, original, or different in any way. This person was super tight lipped about it too. I am not sure she even told her closest friends. And for what? A huge letdown when it was finally revealed?

At the same time, I also wish that people would keep their opinions about chosen names to themselves. Really? You mean to tell me that you don’t like the name we picked when you have named your son/daughter one of the top 10 names of 2007? What a surprise!

It’s so much better telling someone the name we have picked out when I can see their faces. People are horrible at hiding expressions. I have gotten a lot better with it, but at first I didn’t want to deal with the reactions. Why should I have to explain my choice? It’s not like we chose to name her Toboggan Snowflake McKee, or any other name including an inanimate object. So just remember, it could be worse.


34 weeks

This past week I had my baby shower, went to a dr. appt, and we bought a new-to-us car. I have organized the house (just need to clean, like, really clean), made lists of things that need to get done, and put in for my last day at work before my 3 1/2 month leave. My last day will be October 30th, and I could not be more thrilled! 6 more weeks, which is 42 more days...holy crap!