Wiggle worm

Today Lennon turns 8 months old. She has become so much fun. I am not saying I hated when she was a tiny sack of potatoes, but I do have to say that I like this stage so much better. When they are developing their little personalities and figuring out how to do new things every day. It's great to watch. She has always been a strong, active baby. Ready to run since the day she was born. I walked into her room yesterday to get her up from her nap and saw this (above). The only problem is, she hasn't figured out how to get back down yet. Our other challenge is changing her diaper. Holy Lord. I have to pin her down with my left arm and try to change her before she wriggles out-and she does! Extra speed is needed when it's a poop diaper. My arms look fantastic, great muscle tone. Carrying around a 20 lb baby will do that to a girl, I guess. I just wish I could carry her with my ass. Tone that shiz up.


8 months old

We had a pool party for Lennon's 8 month pictures. Go here to see them-enjoy!


7 months

Please go here to see Carly's post with a couple of Lennon's 7 month photos.